Lawyer Romania, Makszem-Dumbraveanu, Timisoara

Lawyer Romania, Timisoara

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Law Firm Makszem-Dumbraveanu !

with office in one of the most active areas in Timisoara, on Eroilor de la Tisa Avenue, next to Timis Regional Business Centre, Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to CCIAT, Faculty of Law and Sala Olimpia from Timisoara.

From its very establishment, since 2005, Law Firm Makszem-Dumbraveanu has done all possible to offer high quality legal services.

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Lawyer Romania, Makszem-Dumbraveanu, Timisoara

Within the current background in Romania, defined by continuous dynamics and a nebulosity governing most of the times the economical, legal and tax environment, Law Firm Makszem-Dumbraveanu comes to aid its customers by a large range of services, abiding by a high level of quality and efficiency, at a very good value for money.

The Law Firm Makszem-Dumbraveanu is at your disposal with services in the fields of legal advice and compilation of legal deeds.

We also provide the representation of our customers, both in front of authorities and courts in the West area of Romania (Timisoara, Arad, Resita, Lugoj) and in whole Romania.

In order to fulfil our targets, we are constantly improving our work methods, we professionally treat any challenge you face and look for the best solution for each and every situation.

Our attention is mainly directed on maximum efficiency and on the development of our customers' business. We assure you of our full interest in the purpose of this mission.

The Law Firm Makszem-Dumbraveanu offers services in English, German, French and Italian as well.

Thank you for your visit. We are waiting for you to contact us !

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